Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Every single seconds, 3 human will be born, will get the opportunity to see the earth, to see the great creature of Lord. And till now, almost 6856086141 peoples live. I am one of them. Just imagine how fast the process happens especially when it can beat time easily, a second equal to three person. Just imagine that people.

Well, honestly said, I am so glad that I could live in this earth. I can feel all the pleasure, all the treasure, all the adventure, all the things. Although most of my living time, till now, downs cover more. What can I do? Should I regret? What should I do to make it perfect? I know the answer, but I dont know the simple answer.

To conclude this, I will dare myself to work extra more, to put everything more, and I just want to be the best of everything.

Sunday, January 31, 2010


I want to travel Europe, South America. One day. You know, I will make this thing for sure, happen for real, this is what I want. I dont know when, how or what ever circumstances might happen to stop me from achieve this, but I will make sure I will do my best to figure out everything. Clearly, I want this more than else.


Rio de Janeiro

Buenos Aires

Well, I would love to do this with friends, which I think, 3 persons would be more than enough. I want to taste the real world, I want to know the culture of first to third country in this earth. I want to go to Bolivia, I want to visit Buenos Aires, I want to feel the heat, the sands of the sea of Rio de Janeiro, I want explore the world of weed in Colombia. I want more from this world.

Europe, too expensive. But I will. I will. Just hope that Allah gonna be in my side to achieve this. I would love to go to UK, Old Trafford to be specifically. France, it is not about Paris, I want to go to Lyon, or perhaps, others. Amsterdam, well, this is heaven. I dont need to mention why.

From a guy with a high hope,

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

New Social Media

Information about new social media.I need to expert in this. I cant afford to get this knowledge abroad. I will figure it out by myself. I will try to make myself well with this. I need to expose myself with the jargons and everything. This is interesting.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

New Chapter For A New Follower

Well, to my new reader, you can accept this post as my first post. To me regular, hey, I am back in Town, so time to catch me up. I dont have any idea, why all of sudden I want to publish the new chapter. After one miserable, to another, now I am wise guy. Well, experience is the good teacher. Priceless indeed. Finished my study, done my Diploma, yet I am still learning. Lot to learn from past, lot to learn from last. Kinda strange, I love to learn. Damn!

Been up to so many chapters before, now is the new one. New version, definitely about me, not just a good rhyme of words for her. Not anymore. Now I will encode, about current me. I just finished interview in Media Prima Berhad. A position which is related to event and marketing which we called implementation executive. Few weeks back, I attended an interview too, well, this time in event management company, well-known as Fatboys Event Management, I've been accepted, but still, I need to reconsider since I could get better offer from zillions company out there.

Nothing is more interesting than Agyness Deyn. Watch her over and over. I dont love you, Agyness.

Enough from me.
One Tree Hill bored without Lucas Scott.
He's back.
You got what I meant. :)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Chapter Thirty Four : Man In love

Back on track, back in progress, and I am back in action to fall in love man!
I love you Agyness Deyn :)

Friday, September 11, 2009

Chapter Thirty : Unfair

Crush on someone. Fuck.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Chapter Three: Bunch of Brother

“Friends are everything”- Reza

“Everywhere that we go, everything that we do, friends always there”- Mirul

Susah laa nak ungkap dengan kata-kata”- Aki

“Kawan? Aku tak peduli. Tapi so far aku ramai kawan!”- Wan

“Aku sengih, kawan pun sengih. Tu pasal lah aku ada kawan”- Paez

“Aku perlukan kawan lebih dari wanita. Biar sikit, tapi tahu isi hati”- Adek

“Friends first, then a lover. Think bout that" - Cepot

“Friends are brotherhood”- Bob

“Tempat untuk aku bahan, tempat untuk aku luahkan, tempat untuk bahgia”- Aseng

“Aku tak tahu la Cip, yang aku tahu aku suka berkawan”- Pian

“Last forever, walaupun ada yang tikam belakang tapi, kawan sentiasa disisi”- Nik

“Tah la, yang aku tahu budak budak Resak best, enjoy, aku gay dengan dorang!”- Chay

“Kawan ni best! Aku suka kawan coz aku boleh kacau, nyakat dorang”- Beng

“Kalau boleh aku nak je jadi gay ngan kawan-kawan aku hahahha”- Mayon

“Nothing is cool than friends”- Paizjo

“Kawan ni bajet je lebih! Hahaha”- Palau

“Tak tahu nak define, hehe”- Apek

“Friendship shouldn’t be like breast, coz they get sucked, totally not like vagina, coz its get fucked, it should be like penis, coz its stand whenever needed”- Botak

There’s a lot of philosophy; there’s a lot of definition of friendship. Everyone needs friendship to make their life more interesting, more meaningful. For me, friends just another one big family, which more into brotherhood in mentality. Friends could lead us to be somebody. Friends could direct us to be perfection in any direction. Well, in fact, friendship may never be perfect. But, I believe it would be last forever.

When night, when it is dark, when I am all alone, I love to look up at the sky, looking, searching, and counting stars which covered by huge atmosphere. While searching, my mind and my heart realize that, friends just another precious thing in this whole earth. If moon is the only creatures to live up there, I bet it could be boring, thanks to Lord because creates stars to company the moon. As far as I am concern, friends just like stars, and yes, individual like me totally like a moon.
And as I live with surrounding by friends, another philosophy that always play on my mind is one friend in a lifetime is much, two are many, three are hardly possible. Friendship needs a certain parallelism of life, a community of thought which can read our mind well, a rivalry of aim. Yeah. And friendship that easily ends never really began. Remember that!

Friends were there when I am in need. Friends were there when I feel lost. Friends were there when I don't know what should I do, friends were there when my mind can't make any decision, friends were there when emotions licking through my vein, friends were there when my car broke down, friends were there when I need cash, friends were there when I need love, friends were there when I need care, friends were there when I fought, friends were there when I got high, friends were there when I smokes, friends were there when I naked, friends were there to entertain me, friends were there to make me cry, friends were there to deliver a smile in the sadness face of mine, friends were there when I need hugs. To conclude, friends always be there with me, with no limitation of time.

I love every single thing about my friends, even though I know that they are not perfect, I know that they are not rich, I know that they are not cool, I know that they just simply nothing, but still, if the thing called honesty does exist in their heart, it would be more than enough. More than enough, mate! I love you guys more than anything, I love you guys more than everything, I repeat, I love you guys, I heart you guys more than anything and everything.

My world will empty without you guys next to me. My world will be useless without you as my friends. To people that related to me, which accept me as your friend, I would love to say, thank you for your support, thank you for your back up, thank you for your company, thank you for your honesty, thank you for your care, thank you for your lie, thank you for your cash, thank you for everything.

Enough with the alphabets.
Enjoy people, enjoy to the max! ;)

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