Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Every single seconds, 3 human will be born, will get the opportunity to see the earth, to see the great creature of Lord. And till now, almost 6856086141 peoples live. I am one of them. Just imagine how fast the process happens especially when it can beat time easily, a second equal to three person. Just imagine that people.

Well, honestly said, I am so glad that I could live in this earth. I can feel all the pleasure, all the treasure, all the adventure, all the things. Although most of my living time, till now, downs cover more. What can I do? Should I regret? What should I do to make it perfect? I know the answer, but I dont know the simple answer.

To conclude this, I will dare myself to work extra more, to put everything more, and I just want to be the best of everything.

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